Staff Member Teaching / Coaching Assignments E-Mail Address
Denise Arbach AD – HS Science – NHS Advisor – Yearbook Advisor  Denise.Arbach@k12.sd.us
Nicolle Timmerman 5-12 Instrumental & KG-12 Vocal Nicolle.Timmerman@k12.sd.us
Cullen Mack MS Science and Social Studies – Assistant Football and Track Coach Cullen.Mack@k12.sd.us
Kim Buseman Kindergarten Kim.Buseman@k12.sd.us
Chandra Van Zyl Special Education Chandra.VanZyl@k12.sd.us
Voni Hubbell Middle School English – Head Volleyball Coach – Student Council Advisor  Voni.Hubbell@k12.sd.us
Bill Lanfear 9-12 Social Studies and Art William.Lanfear@k12.sd.us
Lacey Friesen 5-8 Math Lacey.Friesen@k12.sd.us
Echo Deelstra
Speech Therapist (Tues. and Fridays) Echo.Deelstra@k12.sd.us
Rachael Massey Title I Coordinator – EL – Assistant Track Rachael.Massey@k12.sd.us
Heidi Johnson Jr. Kindergarten – Preschool Heidi.Johnson@k12.sd.us
 Laura Schoenwald Grade 5  Laura.Schoenwald@k12.sd.us
Nancy Kennedy K-12 Counselor Nancy.Kennedy@k12.sd.us
Keith Andersen CTE Ag Education – FFA – Skills USA   Keith.Andersen@k12.sd.us
Jerry Kippes Tech Director/Business/Computer/Track/X-Country Coach  Jerry.Kippes@k12.sd.us
Janna Christiansen  Special Education Janna.Christiansen@k12.sd.us
Linda Luke Library / Oral Interp Linda.Luke@k12.sd.us
Nick Schrag  9-12 Mathematics  Nick.Schrag@k12.sd.us
Shana VanderGrift 9 – 12 English Shana.VanderGrift.k12.sd.us
 Jesse Johnson  K-12 PE/Elem. Comp/ Asst FB/ Head Golf Jesse.Johnson@k12.sd.us
Sharlene Orcutt Grade 2 Sharlene.Orcutt@k12.sd.us
Anne Pankratz FACS / FCCLA Anne.Pankratz@k12.sd.us
Heidi Roth Grade 4 Heidi.Roth@k12.sd.us
Kylea Waltner Grade 1 Kylea.Waltner@k12.sd.us
Karri Wieman Grade 3 Karri.Wieman@k12.sd.us